Terms and Conditions 
Welcome to Malenadu Holidays These terms and conditions ("terms of use") apply to you right the moment you access to and use Malenadu Holidays: its services, products, and contents. This is a legal agreement between you and Malenadu Holidays You must read all the information carefully as you agree to these terms and conditions while accessing or using any services or products or contents of Malenadu Holidays.
You agree to enter your 'First and last Name', appears on your ID proof, issued by Government while booking flight tickets. The ID proof may be your Driving License, Passport, or other acceptable forms of identification depending on your type of journey Domestic or International. Name once entered will not be changed. Certain 'Typo Error' (Name Correction) however, is allowed, depending on Airline terms of use, and charges would be applicable accordingly.
All tickets are not guaranteed until ticketed. The fare may change as revised by the Airline company or dealer anytime even after the confirmation of a reservation. Malenadu Holidays will inform you about the fare changes if made without assuming any responsibility - financial or otherwise for any such fare changes made by the supplier. Malenadu Holidays will inform you about the new fare. And at that point of time you may – depending on your requirement - either purchase or cancel the product or service at the new cost. You can cancel the booking at no cost in case there is an increase in fare before ticketing and your card being charged. You will be charged nothing if you cancel such a booking.